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    Reconnect to your soul

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    Healing balancing

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    DNA cellular reprogrammation

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    Recommended meditation

Reconnect to your Soul

Central Soul Session

The frequency of your essence generates a vital fluid that spreads to all your bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Your essence possesses all the necessary frequencies to foster your own healing and evolution process on the soul, heart and physical levels.
The reconnection to the self purifies patterns holding you outside of this connection. It purifies subtle bodies and chakras, so that your main channel, full of vital energy, stays vibrant and open, closely tied to the power of your central soul.

Part 1: Reconnection to the central Soul

This first session is at the level of the quantum DNA and aims at reminding all your cells of the central Soul code
This session is a wonderful reunion between you and your soul. It makes it easier to welcome all parts of yourself, your talents, your gifts, and to be more conscious of your personal vibration.

Part 2: Message of the central Soul ( on place or by distance)

This second session is a channeled message of the Soul. It builds a direct connection with the central soul and the message will be recorded. The MP3 recording will help you integrate the energy of the Soul in the days following the session.
This session establishes a deep communication with your Essence, and brings energy of regeneration. The simple act of contacting the central Soul rebalances your energies and brings a deep sense of peace.
The delicacy of the messages delivered helps your Spirit to gracefully accept any changes.

It's a wonderful moment of clarity to receive a reading of your Central Soul. 270.- with a recording of the second session.

Healing balancing

Balancing masculine and feminine energies

The particularity of this treatment is to help you to strike a balance between your feminine and masculine energies. Aspects of your personality will thus be improved, bringing more harmony to your relationships and fostering personal understanding of others.

140.-chf per session.

Loving Presence of feminin nature

Sessions open to women that harmonize, balance and heal the female energetic and physical matrix. This space particularly needs balance so that we can feel well-being in our life, harmony in our body and connection to our feminine divinity.

140.-chf per session.

Purification and activation of the heart

The heart is a sacred space, the quintessence of our essence! When this space is liberated and unencumbered from the past, the radiating energy of peace can settle in. In this intense session, we act with full awareness to remove the shadows cast over our hearts and loosen its grip on remaining issues to fully enjoy our own shining Light. It comes with the MP3 recording of a channeled message from the heart.

It can be done on site or at distance.

160.-chf per session.

DNA cellular reprogrammation

Matrix of Unity

This session is an invitation to enter the energetic Matrix of Unity, which implies giving the information to your energy system to go beyond separation and move towards Unity present within ourselves. This is a very deep and intense work, ideal in transitory times and life changes. It is done in the form of cellular reprogramming.

140.-chf per session.

DNA and cellular reprogramming
(on place or by distance)

Cellular reprogramming is a treatment that works at the level of the energetic information of the cell. We are able to balance memories and patterns encumbering our path by loving and welcoming all the parts of our multidimensional being. By accessing the Unity within ourselves, tangible changes can take place and impact our everyday lives. This treatment activates the original memory and facilitates alignment of our energies. Various intentions can be specified and worked on in the sessions.

140.-chf per session

Recommended meditation

Single opening heart

This single meditation "Opening heart" of 26min, is an invitation to enter in conscience to the spaces of one's
heart. It is accompanied by 4 doors to balance internal aspects connected to the heart.

The heart possesses a friendly kindness. To develop compassion, it is necessary to harmonize the aspects which
could be lodged, still, in this space.

In softness, I invite you to let yourself be guided during this meditation.


Important notice

All treatments work on old and recent memories, traumas, burn out, anxiety, insomnia, diseases and addictions, that are there to help you move forward and to open your consciousness , your own 'inner self'.
All treatments facilitate an opening towards new perceptions, promote energy healing, new emotional balance, the anchoring of your consciousness in your physical body and increased self confidence.
I am available for consultations by appointment and available for distance appointments as well.

We cannot refund for appointments cancelled less than 72 hours before the time of the consultation. Thank you for your understanding.